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Don’t leave money on the table—consider reselling printing services as a revenue generator

The best customers are the one’s you already have, and in today’s competitive market, it’s important to make sure you’re maximizing all of every clients revenue generating potential. Reselling printing services is one of the most often overlooked methods of growing business from an existing client base.

The concept is simple…you own Jane’s Embroidery. Your customer, John Q. Smith Realty, comes to you for all of their custom apparel…


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International Talk like a Pirate Day 2012 - Wit’ yer Wes-Tex Print Crew

Pirate Version

We love fun 'n crazy Holidays here, so we wanted t' share that fun wit' ye!  In celebration o' International  Talk like a Pirate day, we 'ave included a few links fer fun 'n also a 10% off promo code! That’s right, 10% off fer jus' havin' fun 'n sayin' Arrr! So from everyone here at Wes-Tex we wanted t' say Happy international Talk like a Pirate Day Mateies, ARRR! Make sure 'n tell us wha' yer pirate name be in th' comment section!

Wha' be yer…


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Research doesn’t lie: promotional calendars are effective and affordable

 When it comes to choosing the right promotional product to buy with your marketing dollar, Jorge Silva-Risso literally wrote the book on the subject. And what the former Fulbright scholar, University of California School of Business Administration professor of marketing, and leading industry authority on marketing effectiveness, says is that if you have to pick just one product to distribute with your business’ name on it,…


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Simple Strategies take (some of) the headache out of dealing with difficult customers

Every business owner has one—the customer who walks in the door or comes up on caller ID and sends the entire staff running for the back room. Dealing with difficult customers is a necessary evil, but having effective strategies to cope with them in place can mean the difference between a heavy sigh and a three-day headache when they walk out the door.

Check out our suggestions for these three stereotypical “problem”…


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The Value of Print

We recently have been collecting facts about the power and effectiveness of print and sharing them on our Dispatch5.o blog (  But, we wanted to share a few of the with the Print Junkie group too!

-- 73% of people prefer print communication over digital messages (

-- In 2010, direct mail brought $ 702 Billion in sales for businesses throughout the U.S.…


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How to be an Olympic-Style Printer

Work Hard

Olympic athletes train for years before an Olympic games. How many hours do you spend growing your business with your marketing and sales? You need to dedicate at least 25% of your time on outbound sales and marketing efforts. If you're not growing your business, you're losing your business.


Fuel Up

Staying equipped with the right nutrients is essential to an Olympian's performance. Likewise, as an Olympic-Style Printer…


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Augmented reality

Some of you might remember our augmented reality demonstration at the Print Solutions show in Chicago. Augmented reality is becoming more and more prevalent in our advertising and marketing plans.

Check out the latest PSDA blog post by Print Solutions assistant editor, Alexa Schlosser where she discusses IKEA’s new augmented reality catalog: You can also view a YouTube video that previews the catalog:…


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Why #Printing Companies Struggle with VDP

We work with a variety of print providers who have broken the VDP (variable data printing) conundrum. They are reaping the rewards of higher margins and more satisfied customers.


VDP is called by a lot of different names but most people get the general understanding that it involves data.  Pieces of information are organized in a way that makes each print piece personalized and targeted . The result is relevancy to each recipient that makes them more likely to respond or…


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Looking for Printer Partners: A Checklist for Making Smart Choices

  When you’re looking for a printer for a single project, it’s pretty simple — you just choose a printer who specializes in the stock, process and finish requirements of the project. But every project is different and printing requirements can vary greatly. To make sure all of your bases are covered, you will need to build relationships with multiple printers.

At the end of the day, however, it’s your reputation that’s on the line. So how do you know if a printer is worth your…


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Kinda like the Pocket Pal but on your iPhone

Arm yourself with the print information you need to look like an All-Star

and close your next deal for only $5 bucks. Print Apply iPhone app provides

an incredible amount of information that you can have right at your fingertips 24/7.

Print Apply - iPhone app…


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You’re worth your markup: Tips for making the most of your margin

Understanding markup and margin

Your local grocery store purchases products at wholesale prices, then adds a percentage on top of that price — this is their “markup.” Print resellers do the same thing with wholesale printing services. Markup percentages vary greatly according to your market as well as the size of the job—anywhere from 5% to 20% to 60%.

Margin refers to your profit on any particular job, which will depend on the…


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How do Commercial #Printers Target Accounts


More and more commercial printers are targeting specific vertical markets. We have found that focusing on specific markets can give print providers a variety of benefits. Markets such Schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, retail establishments etc. are loaded with great print and cross media opportunities. The benefits of going to market by vertical market include shortening the sales cycles and gaining more credibility with decision makers.

To read…


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Destruction performed by Trojan Virus

You can find limitless men and women globally that have to use the PC plus the world wide web all the time and there are various reasons behind this. Some people may need to go surfing to be able to search for certain information that they may require where as some individuals are incredibly social plus they may need to check out their own social networks regularly. Nevertheless, there would be a lot of students who have to explore the internet to make their particular projects and the list…


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Advantages of using an Antivirus Software Alert

One of the many significant things linked to the usage of just about any antivirus software program is the particular appearance of anti-virus software alert. It is really a very helpful sort of notice that lets you know that you have possibly come across almost any destructive application as well as almost any personal computer infection is going to invade their own PC should they go to a specific website or even open a certain program. The value of anti-virus software alert is simply…


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Business Card Backgrounds to the Rescue!

To help start your collection (or add to the one you’ve already got), Wes-Tex designer Don Barrett has created six different eye-catching backgrounds you can download for free. 

3 problems these backgrounds solve

  • You do not offer design services — You can now offer custom business…


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5 Reasons to Become a Wholesale Print Reseller

1. Take advantage of a huge opportunity

Almost every business uses printing. After all, even companies that operate entirely online still need business cards. At SXSW Interactive, you’d be amazed at all the printed materials that web companies throw around! What’s more, as these printed materials are used or given away, customers need more. They must reorder existing pieces or create new ones to keep their messages fresh.…


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Do You Want your Children to Work in the #Printing Industry?

Last week, I was in Dallas and Kansas City with the Printing industries of Mid America. I was facilitating a sales workshop. During one discussion, a printer asked “Would you want your children to enter the printing business”?

The Answer

My answer was, “I want my children to work in a successful business. If…


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Foil Stamping: Helping Customers Visualize The Final Results

That rich metallic sheen. The flashes of brilliance when the light hits it. The bold, saturated color. With foil stamping, you really have to see it to understand its impact. The real-life experience of foil makes this technique so powerful — but it often makes it hard for customers to understand and embrace when you’re in the early design stages.…


Added by John Kublank on June 22, 2012 at 2:46pm — 2 Comments

Foil: The Elements of Smart Design

Working with logos and other solid fields of color

You’ll get smoother lines and edges with vector artwork or raster artwork at 600 dpi minimums. You can also reverse type out of a solid field of darker foil. It’s an attention-getting approach that’s always fresh.…


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10 Plastic Business Cards for Design Inspiration

The next time that special client comes in asking, "What have you got to really make me stand out?" — wow them with plastic.

We all know there are the select group of customers who want to take business cards to the next level — what they're looking for is "impact." Our favorite card for delivering that impact is the plastic business…


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